Interim Leadership

Sometimes a flexible solution is needed when a key vacancy occurs in a critical area.

Keeping the company, segment or department focused and performing well during this period of transition is both critical and vital to the morale and credibility of your organization.

On an interim basis, TJO Associates will step in, quickly establish stability and provide direction and leadership to ensure results are where they need to be, and do it in a collaborative, integrity based manner. We also will help with the selection process of permanent leadership and work with the wider executive group or board and create a transition plan to maximize effectiveness for your organization.

Typical interim leader roles:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Executive Leadership Roles
  • Multi Departmental/Segment Leadership Roles Including: Claims, Customer Relationship Management, Billing, Enrollment, Systems, Business Analytics, Sales Administration, PMO, Benefit Set Up, Network Operations, Credentialing, Provider Relations, Medical Management, Vender Management, Fulfillment, M&A Integration