What We Do

You have a problem or perhaps a sudden opportunity that requires additional expertise and resources. Adding value and solutions with engagements ranging from quick, short term advisory support to longer term, dedicated commitments, TJO Associates successfully does both and all points in between.

Administrative & Operations Improvement

Your back office team is critical to the success of your organization. It is where people, process and systems come together in a very visible manner that impacts your clients, your brand reputation and overall performance. It’s not always glamorous, but failure to execute and keep up with service expectations can create not only growth and retention issues but regulatory exposure and public relations problems as well. Our experience includes:

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    Operational Assessments

    A third party with a wide range perspective can help identify and scrutinize high impact workflows for process optimization. The deliverable is a prioritized list of opportunities for performance improvement that emphasizes where and how specific process improvement tactics can be readily implemented.

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    Turn-around Management

    Sometimes the solution to a significant performance problem is a focused plan and dedicated resource to lead the change process rapidly. Typical areas include administrative and operational disciplines found both with payers and providers encompassing Claims, Billing, Enrollment, Sales Administrations, Customer Service, Provider Relations, Medical Management Network Operations, and Patient Services etc.

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    Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

    Often performance metrics are not credible or measure the wrong activity resulting in an organization not being able to readily tell “what’s going on” in core areas. Having not only the right metrics, but also an effective way of producing timely results and ensuring organizational accountability is also key.

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    Client Service & Account Relationship

    An organization can have reasonable results but still struggle with retention or growth because clients consider them “hard to work with or not customer focused”. Deliverables here address ways of ensuring a profitable and customer centric organization is in place.

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    Expense Management & Revenue Enhancement

    Knowing what factors are driving expenses or revenue is critical – missing either is a problem. TJO Associates has worked with clients to better understand and address not only expense side issues, but also in enhancing execution in technology, productivity, vender contracting and margin improvement.

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    PMO Execution

    If your company has a history of undertaking projects that miss the mark, are late or over-budget; the problem might be in how you approach it. Too many or poorly defined priorities, lack of precision or too much project management overhead and not enough substance. Ensuring your philosophy and approach to project management is calibrated properly for your company’s style can make a lot of difference. TJO Associates has a track record of helping companies get better in project execution.

Vender Management & Services

These days, it is not uncommon for back office activity to be partially or completely outsourced to a third party. But this cannot result in an abdication of oversight. You need responsible management and precision to help drive a fair and mutually beneficial relationship so you both succeed. Sometimes an experienced outside party can bring a fresh perspective that helps both a client and vender create new value in a business relationship. Our experience includes:

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    Creating an effective Request for Information or Proposal, analyzing potential solutions and managing the entire process on an end to end basis can be a significant undertaking and always of strategic impact. TJO Associates has worked in all aspects of this process including full selection to contract negotiations to playing the role of key advisor to your internal team.

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    Client Relations/Product Development

    Our cross functional, practical experience with Payers, Providers and a host of complimentary niche industries enables TJO Associates to bring unique perspective to any problem. We provide insight from a variety of viewpoints that will assist your organization to develop new products, create new avenues for positioning with clients and help you look at obstacles in different ways.

Strategic Planning & Executive Advisor

One of the advantages of having over 30 years of real world experience in a variety of healthcare and related arenas is that TJO Associates has both seen a lot and personally been through a lot. And with that comes a unique perspective that often can lend insight into different ways of approaching opportunities, obstacles and relationships. Our experience includes:

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    Product Development, Business Intelligence & Marketing

    We have worked with companies on early stage product development, proof of concept vetting along with helping organizations create positioning strategies for new and maturing products. Past deliverables include white papers, participation in creation of business plans and specific business analysis across a host of topics.

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    When TJO Associates helps leadership teams with creating effective presentations (board, client-level, etc) we realize that “telling the story” in a clear, creative manner is only part of the challenge. The delivery has to be done thoughtfully and approached with careful attention to detail, the audience and the desired outcome.

Organizational Development

You want and need to be the company that attracts and retains talent. Having the right organizational design, staffing levels, rewards/recognition programs, career development plans, performance incentives, compensation and feedback tactics all contribute to a thriving culture and an effective, high performing team. Poor and inadequate focus can result in problems that could take years to correct and create significant disadvantages. Our experience includes:

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    Organizational Redesign

    Ensuring the organization structure not only has the right people, but is designed in a manner that ensures clear accountability and rational resourcing is critical. TJO Associates has helped companies create dynamic organizational approaches that increase effectiveness.

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    Incentive & Sales Comp Programs

    We have developed individual and team incentive programs that improve productivity, morale and closely aligned the goals of the company with day to day accountabilities of operational and customer facing teams.

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    TJO Associates has worked individuals as a coach/mentor to advance performance and personal development. Accomplished in a variety of approaches, this is often effective with high potential, leadership talent.

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    Cross Functional Department Workouts

    On occasion, an organization can be struggling because of a combination of factors. Right work occurring in the wrong area; competing goals, personality issues that are going unchecked or a combination of poor process, inadequate systems and lack of direct and honest communication. As a third party, TJO has helped companies and departments get to root cause in a non threatening, issue focused manner that can help not only diagnose, but drive resolution.