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Tom Okonek

Tom Okonek

Tom Okonek has over 30 years of executive and management level experience in healthcare and related businesses. In addition to leading his own consulting practice over the last 14 years, Tom was on the leadership team at Carol.com, and is a veteran of UnitedHealth Group, where he held a series of progressive management and executive roles. His background also includes key positions at both St. Louis University Medical Center and Management Systems of Wausau. He has worked extensively with start-ups, businesses involved in the ACA and especially with organizations focused in healthcare innovation and going through transition on several ends of the healthcare and benefit administration spectrum.

When you work with Tom, you are getting a recognized leader who has worked in, led and succeeded in a variety of different situations and challenges. In addition, Tom collaborates with industry experts in other disciplines when necessary so clients can leverage additional, senior talent quickly and in a manner that is often easier to access than what a client may experience when working with bigger firms.

TJO Associates takes pride in the fact that many of our clients have sought to hire us into their companies permanently and often bring us back for return engagements. We know that results are what matter and having an approachable style, sense of humor and an ability to quickly “fit into” an organization is vital. If hitting the ground running matters- then we think you will be pleased. Bottom line: When experience is combined with focus, discipline and talent, results improve.


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